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Envato Items Store Info | WP Plugin

Envato Items Store Info | WP Plugin

Promote Your Envato Items on your site

The plugin allows you to display all info about an Envato Marketplace item into your website. It is available for regular site with PHP support and for WordPress platform.

The Plugin Code

Once you have install the plugin correctly, you have to use a sample line of code to run it.

For regular site

<?php set_envato_item_info($envato_item_id, $style); ?>

For WordPress site

[ envato-item id={envato item id} style={plugin style} ]

The Plugin in action

Below the plugin result for light and dark background.

Coming Soon | Envato Store Info
  • 989
  • $4
    customers rating

Notification Boxes | Envato Store Info
  • 921
  • $5
    customers rating


Envato Items Info WordPress Plugin | Store Info

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